How To Choose The Right Painting Tools

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It’s no use thinking only about ink. Anyone who wants to be careful about painting needs to use good tools such as rollers, brushes, and brushes.

Many people who are going to paint their homes for the first time, or who simply want to renovate the paint, look for better quality paints to make the property look longer.

However, most people are unaware that to have a good painting, it is not enough just to buy paint that offers a better finish. Anyone looking for a longer-lasting end result needs to use good tools too, such as rollers, brushes, and brushes.

It is essential that they are used correctly, as this will result in a jealous painting.



For painting large areas, it is best to use the rollers, which allow greater yield of the material to be used. Sheep wool rolls are the ideal choice for those who want more quality in their applications. They are best suited for water-based, PVA latex or acrylic paints.

There are also low hair rollers, which should be used especially on smooth and wrinkled surfaces. Its texture absorbs the material better and prevents overeating.

Medium hair rollers should be used on semi-rough or lightly textured surfaces. And for rough or textured bases, the right thing to do is to opt for the high-hair rollers. There is also a special epoxy paint roller on the market, which is much stronger than the others.



Brush quality has a direct effect on the finish and the ease with which paint is applied. Typically, brushes are suitable for applying enamels, varnishes, oil paints, latex paints and complements, such as wood, sealer, and metal bottoms. In addition, they are used to paint details, corners, cutouts, and surfaces of doors and windows.

Importantly, gray bristle brushes are for use with PVA and acrylic paints. The dark bristles are for working with oil paints, enamels, and varnishes.

Another important tip: when a painting is essential to observe the condition of the rollers and brushes because old tools put at risk the final quality of service. The use of aged material generates extra costs, as one will have to spend more on paint and labor to overcoat.



To extend the life of brushes and rollers, you need to clean them right after use and store them properly. When solvent-based inks are used, it is essential to clean the tools with thinner or turpentine and then with soap and detergent.

When the paint is water-based, it is recommended to clean only with soap and water or detergent. For optimal preservation of the brushes, arrange the bristles with a comb, moisten them with vegetable oil and store them wrapped in waterproof paper.

Never leave brushes dipped in the water upside down. They should be cleaned immediately after use to prevent material debris from interfering with a new paint job and faster damaging the tool with the deformation of wire bristles or rust. The ideal is to store the brushes vertically, with the hairs up.

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