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Inspiration seems elusive, there are days that flood you and you have your time, your energy and other days it seems that I played hide and seek, you feel a vacuum of ideas and then a great frustration invades you. In the post, I explain yes.

Lack of inspiration

I call it the hell of frustration. When you don’t feel “inspired,” you basically start making deadly doses of self-demand and not only do you not advance, but you also consume the motivation and energy you need to get out of that black hole.

If you are an artist, I am sure that you will feel similar things, in any case, it is a mental, emotional state that wears out and detracts from self-confidence.

Sometimes to solve a problem, it is interesting to ask questions. Where does my inspiration go? Why am I not inspired? Where can I find inspiration? What do I feel when I have inspiration? How do I usually get inspiration?

I think the last two questions invite more interesting answers.

Imagine that inspiration is a liquid element, you have it, it is all over your body, and as you shape your ideas, this liquid comes out of you, to take a form and a place in the real world.

That is what happens with inspiration, it is not in itself a disappearance as if by magic, it is rather personal exhaustion, it is a neglect of your production capacity. Because you have run out of raw material, or the machinery has had to stop due to lack of maintenance.


The sources of inspiration

The inspiration. The same word gives you a clue. Inspire, let in the air, fill the lungs with clean new air, Let in ideas, views, information, etc.

Here I am careful to say “new experiences” because many times, it is more an exercise of looking with new eyes, than not looking at new things but with the same eyes. I explain.

It is true that doing new things can be a great source of inspiration. The new dazzles us, but we run the risk of not going deeper because we are distracted by the novelty.

Our accumulated learning is a great source of ideas and revelations, very deep because they take days, months, years at rest, which gives us a deeper inspiration because those experiences are part of who we are.

In short, our inspiration does not come from outside, it really comes from ourselves and from the meaning we give to what happens outside of us.

Finding inspiration has a lot to do with being curious about yourself and knowing yourself.

Our inspiration deserves and needs our care because if we only focus on producing, we deplete our resources, we neglect our production capacity.


Take care of inspiration

It is important to understand that our mind has a specific functioning, each one has its own.

Inspiration is the combination of emotional states and a certain state of concentration, there is no perfect recipe for everyone, but each one can go making different recipes to find those activities that help you get into that mental and emotional state Where ideas flow

Be aware of this, that you can create states of inspiration and you can start creating the recipe for Your source of inspiration.

Of course, take care of yourself physically. Food, hydration, exercise, etc.

Many times we get this state of mind at the least calculated moment, just when we are not pressing our creative side with our rational brain.

It is a pity, but many times we let powerful ideas go, because they came to us at a time that we could not dedicate time or energy to them, and they leave, they will never see the light.

Find a way to register your ideas.

Voice notes, a notebook always at hand, notes on the mobile, whatever, but if there is an idea in your mind to register it, you do not need to have much detail, just to remind you of that emotional state in which it arose and the main idea.

I like to write more than just sketching because with the sketch I have the idea of ​​the form, but the words help me to enter that mental state of inspiration, to reconnect with that eureka moment.


Tips to take care of inspiration

  • Be aware you can create mental states to foster inspiration.
  • Take care of your body and mind with routines that benefit you.
  • Explore the novelty to enrich yourself (activities, books, images, opinions)
  • Search the drawer of what you have already lived (Consider seeing your experiences already lived and your most everyday beliefs with another perspective)
  • Record your ideas (Whatever works for you to remember the idea and the inspiring moment)
  • Think about taking care of your production capacity as much as production, in the end, it is the usual. Balance.
  • I also recommend reading books that have helped me a lot. The path of the Artist (Julia Cameron) and Art lead a creative life (Frank Berzbach)

Thanks for reading the post recommendations. I have shared recommendations that work for me and that I notice make a difference when it comes to inspiration.

If you have any questions, or simply would like to deepen some information that appears in the post, here below you can leave your comment.

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