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All of the materials on my websites are intended for people to print and use for free to their heart’s content.  That includes daycares, schools, churches, camps, clubs, grandparents, moms, nannies, children, librarians, and, yes, even dads!

Do not sell any of the materials on my websites or include any of them for sale as part of a larger package. It’s intended to be free for everyone to use.  (Yes, that means, no eBay selling of it.)

Do not include the material in books, magazines, or television shows.  You are welcome to include a reference (i.e., web address) to the websites, but not the content or images.

Do not copy any of the content onto another website.  I encourage everyone out there to build websites and contribute their unique content.  I’m sure we’ve all run into the frustrating situation where you click link after link and arrive at the same material.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and plunge into making up your content (I know you can do it!)