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Colored Pencils. a Fun and Easy Drawing Technique

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Colored pencils … Who as a child did not use this drawing material?

However, colored pencils are also widely used by professional artists, especially in the field of graphic arts. There are many crayon techniques that every artist can use to encourage their creativity. It is necessary however to be quite skilled to use some of them comfortably.

But that doesn’t mean a beginner can’t create some amazing artwork. We can all… If we made beautiful drawings as children, why not now? Here I am going to teach you some of the fundamental and easy-to-use techniques for those who want to get their crayons back.



The colored pencil is basically a colored pencil widely used for drawing and painting, alone or in conjunction with other mediums.

The colored pencil, as the name implies, is a pencil made from generally artificial pigments, with a strong wax-based binder.

It is usually marketed in packs containing 12, 24, 36 or even more units of different or individual colors and shades. The best-known brands are Faber-Castell, Labra and Prismacolor.

Many people associate colored pencils with drawings made by children and drawings made in schools. However, working with crayons requires a great technique, similar to that required for working with graphite, charcoal or crayon pencils.

I use crayons, for example, in a mixed technique in combination with dry pastels. It is used as a basis for volume creation, shape definition, and detail drawing.



I believe art is fun… Few things in this world bring as much satisfaction as creating something out of pure imagination.

So whether you are a naturally talented artist or simply interested in becoming an artist, when you apply pencil on paper, the result should always be a masterpiece.

Is your current level of knowledge and skill far from producing a masterpiece? So practice. This is always my advice. Recognize where your weaknesses and strengths lie and work on them

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