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There are many high-quality Boruto Coloring Pages for your kids - printable free in one click. Print out and color your favorite coloring sheet. The post Printable Boruto Coloring Pages for kids.

Boruto Uzumaki (Japanese: é sporting Hepburn: Uzumaki Boruto), originally written by VIZ Media as “Bolt”, [1] is a fictional character created by manga author Masashi Kishimoto, who first appears at the end of the Naruto manga series as the Son of the Naruto protagonist Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. He later appears as a significant role in the 2015 anime film Boruto: Naruto the film where he is training as a ninja to surpass his father, the leader of Ninja Konohagakure village. Boruto also stars in the manga and anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In the manga, he begins with the recounting of the film Boruto, while the anime begins with his childhood at the Ninja Academy, where he meets his future teammates, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki, as well as his teacher, Konohamaru Sarutobi.


Although Boruto’s physical designs were similar to Naruto when he was young, his personalities develop differently. Boruto’s relationship with his father reflects Kishimoto’s relationship with his children. In the Japanese version, Boruto is nicknamed by Kokoro Kikuchi in the latter: Naruto the film and by Yuko Sanpei in all subsequent appearances. Sanpei liked to do the work of Boruto’s acting, finding him captivating. In the English version, she is played by Amanda C. Miller.

Boruto Coloring Pages
Boruto Coloring Pages
boruto coloring pages

Boruto’s character received mixed critical responses. His relationship with his father was criticized because critics found the concept used in Naruto’s manga. In Boruto: Naruto, the film, its development was praised due to its action scenes and how he understood his father’s actions.




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