The Benefits of Coloring for Children

The Benefits of Coloring for Children

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The Benefits of Coloring for Children
The Benefits of Coloring for Children

Children usually have a natural instinct for painting. In fact, most children, since they are young, love to paint since, through drawing, they can better understand the world around them, communicate more easily with adults and can express what they feel more freely. Therefore, it is not surprising that when you least expect the scribbles, then the stick figures and later the coherent drawings.

Five good reasons why your child should color

Improve motor skills

Coloring has been shown to be an excellent exercise to develop fine motor coordination and eye-manual coordination in children. The fact of not being able to get out of the contours allows the child to improve the precision of hand movements and enhances the maturation of brain circuits that are involved in the development of his fine motor skills. In fact, you will notice that as the child perfects his drawing technique, he also gains in skill, agility and manual precision.

Promote self-esteem

Coloring is a very fun activity, especially if it is practiced in a group. And it is not even important that the child has great drawing skills, it is enough to be in company with his peers and have some waxes or colored pencils on hand. In this sense, recent studies have found that if children color in a non-competitive environment, painting becomes a source of joy and satisfaction, thus contributing to boosting their self-esteem. In fact, most children often perceive their artistic creations as a success and feel proud of them, especially if they receive praise from their parents or adults.

The Benefits of Coloring for Children
The Benefits of Coloring for Children

Develop abstract thinking and emotional intelligence

It has been shown that coloring is an excellent method to stimulate the emotional intelligence of children since this activity helps them to better understand the world. A study by researchers at Dartmouth College in Hanover, in the United States, revealed that drawing also fosters the development of visual perception, creativity, abstract thinking and executing ability. The researchers explained that this is because the painting stimulates both cerebral hemispheres: the left responsible for logical thinking and the right, related to imagination and creativity.

Improve learning

A study conducted at Deakin University in Australia has revealed that painting allows the child to develop a more active role in their learning process. This means that he not only learns more but also better understands the world around him and feels more motivated to learn. In fact, the researchers found that the act of drawing and coloring in early childhood may be the precedent for visual models and diagrams that, later, allow the child to represent the reality of their environment in the educational context. Also, if you choose printable coloring drawings related to specific topics such as numbers, the multiplication table or the alphabet, your learning will benefit even more.

Stimulates self-control and concentration

If your child has trouble concentrating or managing his emotions, coloring can be a very useful strategy to help him. It has been shown that drawing is a great exercise to stimulate concentration and ensure that the child learns to ignore the distractions that come from the environment. In fact, painting stimulates selective attention from an early age. Also, coloring is an excellent method to boost self-control and emotional self-regulation as it constitutes a way to channel the emotions of children, especially when they are too excited.

However, you should keep in mind that painting can also be an opportunity to teach the child new knowledge and instill good values.

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